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Of Wolf and Dog

Wolfdogs (also known as wolf hybrids) are unique animals. Many people wish to own them as a means of bringing a “piece of the wild” into their homes. They are beautiful, intelligent, and fascinating canines. But, unfortunately, there is much more misinformation about the wolfdog breed type available to the general public than there is… Read More »

How Much Wolf?

The amount of wolf in a wolfdog is described in terms of content (not in percentages or fractions) and is broken down into several different levels. Low-content wolfdogs (which are significantly more dog than wolf); mid-content wolfdogs (which are about equal parts wolf and dog); and high-content wolfdogs (which are significantly more wolf than dog).… Read More »

Breed Specifics

Wolfdogs typically weigh between 70 to 100 pounds. Claims of animals significantly larger than that are usually flights of fancy. While wolves up to 140+ pounds have been recorded in the wild, these animals are very few and far between, and are considered an abnormal occurrence. Wolfdogs, even those mixed with large breeds like malamute… Read More »

Make a Difference With your Support!

Pack West is in constant need of volunteers and foster homes. Foster families, in particular, are the lifeblood of our organization, and we’re currently seeking experienced, responsible individuals who are willing and able to open their homes and hearts to animals in need. Caring for a wolfdog (especially a higher-content one) is no easy task,… Read More »