The amount of wolf in a wolfdog is described in terms of content (not in percentages or fractions) and is broken down into several different levels. Low-content wolfdogs (which are significantly more dog than wolf); mid-content wolfdogs (which are about equal parts wolf and dog); and high-content wolfdogs (which are significantly more wolf than dog).
Pictured below, from left to right, are a low-content, a mid-content, and a high-content wolfdog with similar coloration. Despite the comparable appearances at first glance, they are actually quite varied when you begin to look closely at the subtle difference between each animals’ ears, eyes, body build, and facial structure:
The amount of wolf in a wolfdog cannot be determined by a DNA test, nor are there any reputable breed registries for wolfdogs available. Currently, DNA tests, even those offered through veterinary offices, remain inaccurate, likely due to the fact that wolves and dogs are so closely-related that false positives and false negatives are very common.
On a similar note, breed registries like the Continental Kennel Club (also known as the CKC) are infamously well-known for registering just about any dog as a purebred this-or-that on the condition that the breeders send them money, even if the animal is not what it’s claimed to be. As a result, it is just as easy for a breeder to register a black lab/shepherd mix as a purebred Groenendael as it is to register a husky/malamute mix as a wolfdog. Paperwork does not prove wolf content. You can read more on this topic, and see some real-life examples, on our “Don’t Get Scammed” page.
Vets, too, are not always a reliable source of information when it comes to determining whether or not a particular dog is “part wolf”; as vets are not currently taught to identify wolf traits by means of phenotyping at any point during their training. As such, it is disappointingly common for vets to assume an animal has wolf content based on misinformation.
For more detailed information on wolfdog content, and understanding the difference between each one, please visit the page in the link below:
Further Explanation of Wolfdog Content