Ensuring the Best

As an educational resource, Pack West strives to dispel the myths and offer up fact-based, scientifically-accurate information in regard to the wolfdog breed type and their exacting care requirements. These animals are not easy keepers, and as such, Pack West does not suggest ownership of these animals to most members of the general public.
In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time, dedication, and money to meet the daily needs of a wolfdog – especially the higher contents. They cannot be treated like a typical domestic dog.
Even low-content wolfdogs can exhibit behaviors that make some of the most “difficult” dog breeds seem like a walk in the park: Extreme escape artist tendencies, excessive mouthiness, severe separation anxiety, and an impressive penchant for destruction when bored or stressed are just some of the traits that these animals are prone to.
Above all, it’s important to know that a wolfdog will not change their life to suit their owner’s. An owner must change theirs to suit their wolfdog’s.
This often means forgoing vacations, building special containment, purchasing particular (and often expensive!) food, and dedicating daily efforts to training and socialization. Many people who own wolfdogs work from home, own their own property, and have essentially built their lives around the animals they keep.
Obviously, then, wolfdogs are far from ideal pets. But they can be enjoyable companions under the right circumstances and in the right hands, however. And providing them with suitable containment, training, socialization, etc. are mandatory aspects of responsible ownership.