Though dogs originated from wolves, it’s important to remember that through thousands of years of selective breeding, humans “created” dogs with purpose and intent, weeding out many of the unwanted wolflike behaviors, such as their destructive tendencies, high prey drive, and lack of work ethic, in order to achieve today’s friendly, confident, obedient pets.
Introducing wolf back into a domestic dog’s lineage is essentially the same as taking a step back in the evolutionary timeline. The more wolf in a wolfdog, the further back one goes.
Beautiful as they are, these animals are obviously not easy keepers. Those who raise, breed, rescue, and work with legitimate wolfdogs will typically be the first to tell you that these animals are not pets; they are a lifestyle. You must build your world around them, because they will not change their lives to suits yours.
​This often means forgoing family vacations, giving up a job to work from home instead, and/or moving to an area where you have enough space to build proper containment for your wolfdog companion.
It takes exceptional dedication, research, and proper education to prepare oneself for wolfdog ownership. And while Pack West is not opposed to responsible private ownership, we do put a strong emphasis on the fact that these animals are not for everyone.
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Responsible Wolfdog Ownership